Trump Could Successfully Build a New Party

Trump Could Successfully Build a New Party

( – Donald Trump has remained relatively quiet since his departure from the White House on January 20. Newsmax host Greg Kelly played golf with him last weekend, telling viewers Trump was “on top of everything” and looked great. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) met with him at the end of January. Trump told him he would help Republicans take control of the House during the 2022 midterm elections.

However, a recent poll found that Trump has enough political clout to start his own party if he is so inclined. That poll, conducted from February 5 to 8, showed 70% of Republicans said they would join or seriously consider joining a new party created by Trump.

Conducted by CBS News/YouGov, that poll showed that 33% of Republicans said they would join a Trump-led party. An additional 37% said they would consider coming on board. Only 30% of the Republicans polled said they wouldn’t consider leaving the GOP.

In the meantime, Democrats launched their impeachment trial in the Senate on Tuesday, February 9. However, with 44 senators voting to dismiss the case on constitutional grounds, it remains unlikely Democrats will convict the former president.

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