Trump Considers a Short Senate Trial

Trump Considers a Short Senate Trial

Initially, President Trump was in favor of a full-fledged, lengthy and detailed impeachment hearing once it got to the Senate. However, upon seeing how poorly the Democrats have handled this nonsense and how much time has been wasted, Trump is reconsidering.

Now, the president is leaning more towards a quick, speedy and concise hearing as to not waste any more time with what is a clearly anti-Trump biased chain of events. Dan Scavino, White House Director of Social Media, relayed the president’s sentiments on his personal Twitter.

White House spokesman Hogan Gidley also commented by saying that Trump is ready for anything the Dems can throw at him.

“It’s very clear that the president has done nothing wrong and the House should drop this whole ridiculous, partisan exercise. But the president is ready for anything in the Senate.”

After all, Americans (except for Democrats) know that Trump is innocent. Why waste time on what is obviously a disingenuous attempt to get a Republican out of office?

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