Trump Considering Executive Order to End Anchor Baby Status

The US recognizes a lot of rights that other countries have taken from their citizens, and that’s one of the things — maybe the main thing — that makes this country great. However, there are some rights that can be exploited and used against us. Right now the US is facing a crisis at our borders, with millions of illegal immigrants already in the country. Many of them can’t be removed because they have children who are US citizens. Now President Trump is considering ending this abuse of our hospitality by restricting the granting of birthright citizenship.


Thanks to the 14th Amendment, anyone born in the US automatically gets citizenship as their birthright. That made a lot of sense when this country was young and growing — but now it’s being abused by illegal immigrants. If a couple who’s in the country illegally manages to have a child while they’re here that child is a US citizen and has a right to be here. Obviously, if a newborn child can stay in America, its parents have to stay too. These instant citizens are often called anchor babies because they’re what hold their parents where they are — instead of where they should be.

  • President Trump first mentioned a possible change in the law in 2018, but as the border crisis drags on — and Democrats refuse to fund proper defenses — he’s returned to the issue.
  • Many on the Left are arguing that restricting birthright citizenship would be unconstitutional — because the 14th Amendment states, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”
  • Trump has pointed out that the key phrase here is subject to the jurisdiction thereof. If someone’s in the country illegally they can be tried for any crimes they commit, but they’re not fully under the jurisdiction of our law in the way someone with a right to be here is.
  • Left-wing media outlets are quoting the 14th Amendment without that key phrase, giving the impression that birthright citizenship is an unqualified right. The White House doesn’t agree.
  • Now the president says the idea of restricting birthright citizenship to citizens and legal residents is being looked at “very seriously.” Trump pointed out that right now the citizen children of illegals are costing the taxpayers a lot of money — and a sensible reading of the law would fix that.
  • An executive order can’t change a constitutional amendment, but it can make sure that the amendment is properly applied. Right now, the president says, the law is “ridiculous” and has to end.
  • Birthright citizenship is common in America, but rare in the rest of the world. No country in Europe hands out citizenship as easily as the US does. The president’s suggestion isn’t a radical one — it’s just shocking to the Left.

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