Trump Condemns White Supremacy

Trump Condemns White Supremacy

( – Since the debate on Tuesday, September 29, the media has been relentless in attacking President Trump. For three years, the president has denounced racism and white supremacy. Yet, Democrats and the media keep making the false accusation that he hasn’t. On Thursday night, October 1, Trump appeared on The Sean Hannity Show and set the record straight, again.

Trump told Hannity that he explicitly condemns the KKK, white supremacists, and the Proud Boys. He said he never heard of the Proud Boys before. At the same time, the president baited Biden and challenged him to condemn Antifa.

During the debate, Trump said he would condemn all racism. He challenged moderator Chris Wallace and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to say whom he should condemn. Biden piped up and said, the “Proud Boys.” That’s when it fell apart… Trump told them to “stand back and standby.” On Wednesday, the president clarified and said he meant to say standby and allow law enforcement to do their work.

President Trump has helped the Black community since day one. To think he’s racist because he doesn’t know the name of every radical group is simply absurd.

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