Trump Condemn’s China; Stands for Hong Kong

Trump Condemn's China; Stands for Hong Kong

( – On May 28, President Donald Trump gave a press briefing that will have long-lasting implications for US foreign policy. Many anticipated that he would talk about Hong Kong, but there was much more than that. Watch the announcement in full below.

Trump has officially cut ties with the World Health Organization (WHO). He claimed that China has “total control” over the WHO in spite of providing less funding than the US. Funding formerly allocated to WHO by the US will now go to other global health needs.

Both the WHO and the Chinese government failed to properly manage the coronavirus threat or relay relevant information. As a result, over 100,000 American deaths are attributable in some part to their actions.

The president also spoke about drastic changes to US policy regarding interactions with Hong Kong. Because China imposed total control over the province’s security, its autonomy and freedom are being eroded. Therefore, the US will eliminate policy exemptions that were unique to Hong Kong, including extradition, export controls, and dual-use technologies.

We recommend watching the full statement because, as significant as these highlights are, there are several more changes impending in America’s relationships around the globe.

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