Trump Celebrates Some Good News

Trump Celebrates Some Good News

( – The media has spent several weeks predicting the economy was in free fall because of COVID-19. Much of the chatter was about the unemployment numbers and if you looked at the coverage at all, you might think it was just as bad as the Great Depression in America. That turned out to be wrong and President Donald Trump is celebrating.

The president held a press conference on June 5 and announced the unemployment rate is now 13.3%. Trump said the new jobs report is “an affirmation” of the hard work his administration has done to pull America back on track after the pandemic.

The November election is right around the corner and it is obvious, we will need President Trump for the next four years. The damage to the economy isn’t as bad as predicted, but it still needs some work. He is the only man for that job and reelecting him would ensure we can Keep America Great.


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