Trump Celebrates Mueller Findings

Trump Celebrates Mueller Findings
Trump Celebrates Mueller Findings

The liberal media is on fire right now about the latest news from special counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry into Russian involvement in the election of President Trump. Leftist TV anchors and newspapers around the world are whipping themselves into a frenzy of excitement over what might comet of this, especially now that three former associates of the president are due sentencing on related charges. Guess who doesn’t seem upset about the Mueller inquiry though? That’s right; President Trump.


  • As soon as Mueller submitted his court filings last Friday, President Trump reacted with a tweet. “Totally clears the President. Thank you!” This response attracted plenty of attention, with journalists and random tweeters claiming Trump hadn’t read the filings or didn’t understand what they mean.
  • The liberal excitement centers around three people associated with the president. One is retired general Michael Flynn, the current administration’s first (and short-lived) national security advisor. Last year, Flynn pled guilty to lying about calls with contacts in Russia, and Mueller has recommended he’s spared any jail time because of the help he’s given the investigation. Flynn is due to be sentenced this month.
  • Secondly there’s Paul Manafort. Trump’s former campaign chairman has been accused of a range of crimes, and pled guilty to two charges this September. It’s pretty clear Manafort didn’t deserve the trust the president placed in him, but to argue that his acts add up to collusion with Russia is pretty far-fetched. Yes, he was a lobbyist for a Ukrainian politician who had pro-Russian sympathies, but that’s not the same as helping Russia influence a US election.
  • It’s the most recent development that really has people going, though. Michael Cohen, one of the president’s former lawyers, has also entered guilty pleas to the charges against him and was sentenced to three years. Arguing about Russian collusion from this is even more of a stretch, though. Cohen is guilty of misuse of campaign funds, but the charges don’t have anything to do with Russia. Did he talk to Russians, and even discuss meetings between Trump and senior Russian officials (including, maybe, Vladimir Putin himself)? Yes, he did. Does that add up to collusion? No.

Anyone who hopes to be POTUS has to start building contacts with foreign powers, and some of those powers — like Russia — have complicated relationships with the USA. It’s still important to talk to them. Russia has thousands of nuclear warheads that can be aimed our way, so they can’t exactly be ignored. Did President Trump use his advisors to get to know Russia better? Yes, it looks like it. But when it comes to claims that Russia somehow interfered in the 2016 election there just isn’t any evidence of that.