Trump Cancels GOP Convention Plans Over High Coronavirus Risk

Trump Cancels Convention

( – Facing a resurgence in the infection rate of the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump has decided to make significant changes to his schedule. He’s canceled larger events, including the Republican National Convention (RNC), which was scheduled to take place in Jacksonville, FL, beginning on August 24.

Because new data shows large gatherings, especially in indoor venues, are once again likely to infect large numbers of people, President Trump decided that judgment was the better part of valor. He also eliminated the roll call vote of delegates and his acceptance speech.

The Progressive Liberals and their media shills then did what they do best, which is to take the low road. Rather than praising him for making a difficult decision that will disappoint many of his supporters, they belittle and mock him, using phrases like “… making the latest in a series of head-snapping reversals…” Meanwhile, the Democrats did the same thing with their convention that was originally scheduled to take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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