Trump Campaign Wants to Reschedule Second Debate

Trump Campaign Wants to Reschedule Second Debate

( – Last week, the Commission on Presidential Debates unilaterally canceled the 2nd debate between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. It occurred after Trump tested positive for COVID-19. The decision led some to question why it was cancelled with plenty of opportunities for Trump to recover.

On Sunday morning, Chair of the National Republican Committee, Ronna McDaniel, appeared on “Face the Nation.” She said the commission “is corrupt” and was trying to protect Biden from looking bad. The chairwoman claimed that by acting so quickly, the commission interfered in the election.

On Sunday, White House Deputy Communications Director Brian Morgenstern said the debate should move forward. Early Sunday, White House physician Sean Conley released a memo saying Trump not only met the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) criteria for no longer being in quarantine, he was no longer considered a risk to others.

It’s unlikely the commission will reschedule the debate. Now the second and final debate will be held on October 22. At least that’s the plan so far.

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