Trump Campaign Takes Legal Action Against States Trying to Change Voting Procedures Ahead of 2020

Trump Campaign Takes Legal Action Against States Trying To Change Voting Procedures Ahead Of 2020

( – On November 3, millions of Americans are going to turn out to vote for the next president of the United States. Democratic states are pushing for mail-in voting with just over 70 days left until citizens cast their ballots. The Trump Campaign is now fighting to preserve the integrity of the election.

On August 18, the Republican National Committee (RNC), Trump Campaign, and New Jersey GOP filed a lawsuit against Governor Phil Murphy (D-NJ) over his executive order that requires officials to send ballots to all registered voters. Lawmakers on the Right, including the president, believe uncontrolled mail-in voting will lead to massive voter fraud.

Trump has repeatedly stated he supports absentee voting where citizens have to request ballots. That’s because it’s highly-controlled.

The Trump Campaign filed lawsuits against three Iowa counties, as well.

The concern isn’t just about fraud. With so few days before the election, changing the method by which people vote might disrupt the process. Republicans point to the chaos in New York, where it took six weeks to count ballots and call primary races. It’s hard to imagine the confusion that would ensue if this alternate plan is rolled out so close to a presidential election. Especially considering there is usually higher voter turnout during these races.

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