Trump Press Secretary Pushes Back on Sanders

Trump Campaign Manager:

( – With far-left relic Bernie Sanders (D-VT) pulling ahead of mainstream candidates in the Democratic presidential race, President Trump’s Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany demolished Sanders with a series of volleys against his extremist policies.


Talking to President Trump’s press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, on Tuesday, Fox News asked her about claims that the president only addressed a rally in Manchester, NH because he’s afraid of Senator Bernie Sanders.

  • Bernie Sanders and his extreme socialist policies seem to be picking up steam as the Democrats search for a presidential candidate. Recent polls show him matching or even beating Former Vice President Joe Biden nationally, meaning there’s a real chance he’ll be going head to head with President Trump in November.
  • On Monday, ahead of voting in the New Hampshire primary, the president addressed a packed rally in Manchester, NH. He told a cheering crowd that Republicans should take part in the primary and vote for the weakest candidate – although, he joked, it was hard to decide which one was weakest; “I think they’re all weak,” he said.
  • Sanders tried to hit back, claiming that Trump went to New Hampshire because he’s afraid of him.
  • McEnany, challenged by Fox News on this claim, laughed it off. She said, “We’re not afraid of a candidate who extols the Soviet Union, says the Soviet Union does some things better than the United States – he’s literally said that.”
  • She went on to highlight Sanders’s bizarre claim, made in an op-ed on his website that “The American dream is more apt to be realized in Venezuela.” Sanders has been a consistent supporter of the socialist regime in Venezuela, where the people are currently eating pets and zoo animals to survive.
  • According to McEnany, President Trump’s appearance in New Hampshire is part of his strategy to grow the GOP tent. She said that more than a quarter of attendees at Monday’s rally were Democrats; 17% hadn’t voted in the last 4 elections. Between them, these potential converts add up to more than three times the 1,700 votes Trump lost New Hampshire by in 2016.
  • After the votes were in, Bernie Sanders did win the NH primary, but not as convincingly as he did in 2016. On the other hand, President Trump got more votes than the last three incumbents and more than he did in 2016. Seems like Trump is ready to take on Sanders or any opponent the DNC might offer up.

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