Trump Campaign Gears Up For Contested Election

Trump Campaign Gears Up For Contested Election

( – With Joe Biden’s poll lead steadily crumbling as Americans get tired of left-wing riots, the Democrats are stepping up their efforts to rig November’s election in their favor. There’s a real possibility they’ll try to muddle the results so much it’s impossible to tell who really won — giving them an excuse for a power grab. Now, the Trump campaign is rallying to fend off that threat.

Campaign Prepares For Legal Battle

Democrats are fear-mongering ahead of the election, spreading rumors that President Trump would refuse to accept defeat. In turn, the president’s re-election campaign, aware that Dems have spent the last four years refusing to accept defeat, are getting ready to make sure Americans get the president they vote for.

  • For months, Democrats have been exploiting the Chinese coronavirus pandemic to push for an expansion of mail-in voting. Many Republicans are worried that this makes voter fraud easier, especially considering the Dems’ well-known talent for ballot harvesting – where party activists go round homes collecting mail-in ballots to “help” voters.
  • Other Democrats are already making it obvious they intend to “win” this election, whatever the voters decide. Failed 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton told an interviewer last month that Joe Biden shouldn’t concede defeat “under any circumstances,” and called for “a massive legal operation” to ensure a Dem victory.
  • It’s clear there’s a serious risk the Democrats will manage to steal the election through a combination of voter fraud and legal tricks, but the Trump campaign is ready to fight back.
  • Recently, the president urged Republicans to check if their mail-in ballot has been counted – and, if it hasn’t, to vote in person on election day.
  • Now, his campaign team is building a legal coalition to safeguard the vote. Lawyers for Trump is a fast-growing network of attorneys dedicated to protecting the integrity of the election, and fighting Democrat attempts to hijack the result.
  • Trump campaign lawyer Matthew Morgan is asking for active and retired attorneys – and even law school students – to sign up as volunteers. He told Fox News, “The Trump campaign is fighting to ensure every valid ballot across America counts—once.”

It’s a sad comment on American democracy that the election result could be decided in court instead of at the ballot box, but President Trump’s first term stands as evidence that many Democrats just won’t accept a vote that goes against them. If we’re going to have a fair election in November, keen legal scrutiny will be needed.

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