Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit in Wisconsin

Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit in Wisconsin

( – Controversy continues to swirl around the highly contested November 3 presidential election. Legislatures in Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are holding public hearings about election irregularities. Additionally, several legal actions are winding their way through the courts, including the Trump campaign’s latest lawsuit in Wisconsin.

Filed on December 1, the suit lists several allegations of irregularities with collecting and counting ballots in the state. It alleges four incidences of fraud and abuse that, if true, would unquestionably alter the outcome of Wisconsin’s presidential election.

The Trump campaign’s petition alleged several unlawful actions by Wisconsin election officials, like altering absentee ballot envelopes and counting of ineligible ballots. Campaign lawyers claimed unlawful vote-counting practices affected at least 220,000 ballots of the more than 3 million cast in Wisconsin.

Trump campaign counsel Jim Troupis stressed that they are fighting on behalf of all Americans to restore integrity and public faith in American elections. Longtime Trump associate and personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, echoed that sentiment, promising the president’s legal team won’t stop until they achieve that goal.

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