Trump Calls Out Perpetuators of Endless Wars

Trump Calls Out Perpetuators of Endless Wars

( – America hasn’t experienced peacetime since former President George W. Bush launched the “War on Terror” in 2001 and invaded Afghanistan. As a country, we’ve been in conflicts overseas for almost two decades, thousands of troops have lost their lives as a result. That’s why President Donald Trump has made it a priority to pull the US out of what he calls “endless wars,” and he once again reminded people of that on Labor Day.

During a White House press conference on September 7, the president called out top officials at the Pentagon who he believes want to keep the country at war.

He doesn’t think the “top people in the Pentagon” are happy with him because he is trying to get the US out of “endless wars” while they are worried about making money for defense contractors.

The president explained that his responsibility is to “bring our soldiers back home.” If that means some of the top brass at the Department of Defense don’t like him, so be it.

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