Trump Calls on Americans to Stop This

Trump Calls on Americans to Stop This

( – With growing unrest across the country as individual states take proactive measures by shutting down public establishments, President Trump moved to calm the growing panic over the coronavirus epidemic Sunday. He appealed for calm and assured the nation, “We’re doing great.” He also praised the Federal Reserve for cutting interest rates and buying bonds as a boost for the economy.

Speaking at the White House after a meeting with major food suppliers, Trump assured the American people that food supply chains are secure and grocery stores won’t be closing because of the epidemic. Vice President Pence joined in with an appeal to buy groceries as normal and avoid panic buying.

Trump thanked the Federal Reserve for cutting the base lending rate almost to zero and began a $700 billion purchase of Treasury and mortgage bonds. These two moves will cushion the economy against the inevitable slowdown caused by social distancing and self-isolation. The president said, “It’s a big step, I am very happy they did it.”

Separately, Trump called on states to step up testing programs to identify and help coronavirus sufferers.

While this is largely unchartered territory, it’s important to remember that every precautionary measure aimed at containing the spread of the virus is crucial. Containment is crucial. In a few weeks, if the containment measures are successful, things will hopefully start getting back to normal.

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