Trump Calls for Brian Kemp’s Replacement (REPORT)

Trump Calls for Brian Kemp's Replacement (REPORT)

( – Tensions continue mounting between President Donald Trump and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) in the wake of the highly disputed 2020 presidential election.

The president called Kemp on December 3 and asked him to order a signature audit and call the state’s legislature into a special session to address alleged voting irregularities. Kemp refused to call for a special session and appears either unwilling or unable to force election officials to conduct an audit.

The president suggested former Rep. Doug Collins (R) run against Kemp for governor during a campaign rally held in Valdosta, Georgia, later that evening.

Collins joined Trump on the stage, and after exchanging pleasantries, the president asked him if he wanted to run for governor. Continuing, he told the cheering crowd that Collins would make a “good-looking governor.”

All eyes remain on Georgia in the meantime, with several lawsuits claiming election fraud winding their way through Georgia’s court system. The US Supreme Court may decide the outcome of the election as the president predicted in September.

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