Trump Butts Heads With Stubborn Governor

Trump Butts Heads With Stubborn Governor

( – Tensions are rising as the pressure builds due to the coronavirus outbreak. Watching personalities clash at the national level was expected, and it’s happening right now. President Trump and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer butted heads on Twitter.

It started on Monday when Whitmer critiqued Trump and the government for not being prepared for this outbreak. She also didn’t like that Trump told governors to try and get medical supplies on their own before asking for federal aid. The White House is already doing a great deal to help states, but it’s unreasonable to expect the administration to micromanage everything.

So, the president fired back at Whitmer.

Whitman responded with everything that she’s done about the virus outbreak so far.

This battle may continue throughout the rest of the week as Trump continues to implement effective solutions that protect all Americans. What we need from state and local leaders is cooperation, not criticism.

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