Trump Blocks China Investment

Trump Blocks China Investment

( – The destruction brought about by COVID-19 has done a great deal to demonstrate how interconnected we are with China. Our economies have depended on each other for years, and it’s caused many issues aside from the shortage of medical equipment that we expected from our trade partner. The intertwining of the US and China goes much deeper, though, and President Donald Trump is working to sever the harmful connections.

Trump is working to prevent a major federal pension fund from investing in Chinese companies. This retirement funding covers everyone from White House officials to military members. Not only is this investment questionable in the wake of China’s failure to properly respond to the coronavirus, but also the companies in question are accused of human rights violations.

Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) applauded Trump for taking more safeguards to secure us from the influence of Communist China.

This is yet another form of economic pressure the president is applying on China. The country’s failure to live up to its trade deals, and perhaps even intentionally hoard medical supplies, has to be accounted for. Trump is figuratively holding China’s feet to the fire.

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