Trump Blasts California Dems Over Homeless Camps, Promises Action

Trump Blasts California Dems Over Homeless Camps, Promises Action

Democrats want to let more people into the US — but they’re doing a pretty bad job of finding homes for the ones who are already here. California, Dem-controlled and famously pro-illegal immigration, is dotted with homeless camps and shantytowns. There are roads in Los Angeles where shelters made of garbage stretch for miles. State and city politicians have done nothing about it, except make it easier for even more people to flood into the state. Now President Trump wants to take action.


California has more people than it has homes for them, making homelessness inevitable. This isn’t just bad for the homeless people; it’s bad for everyone else as well, as anyone who’s seen San Francisco’s feces-smeared sidewalks will tell you. Unfortunately, Democrats, while making all the right noises about the plight of the homeless, are doing nothing to solve the problem.

  • On Tuesday, 9/10, White House sources spoke to the Washington Post about the homelessness issue in Californian cities. They told the paper the president is fed up with the situation and the Democrats’ failure to do anything about it.
  • Trump sent Department of Housing and Urban Development officials to California this week, on a fact-finding mission. He’s told them to make Los Angeles a priority.
  • The president also has his eye on San Francisco, though. A few months ago he tweeted about how speaker Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district has become unrecognizable thanks to the homeless problem.
  • A spokesman says Trump has already signed an executive order aimed at knocking down regulatory obstacles to building affordable housing. Housing in California is ridiculously expensive, and a lot of the cost is because of laws that make it hard to build homes at a price anyone can afford.
  • Sources say the president wants to demolish the ugly, sprawling homeless camps, which will improve the quality of life for residents. To house the occupants he’s looking at renovating unused federal government buildings and turning them into low-cost housing and building new facilities to take up the overflow.
  • White House spokesman Judd Deere said, “Like many Americans, the president has taken notice of the homelessness crisis, particularly in cities and states where the liberal policies are combining to dramatically increase poverty and public health risks. President Trump has directed his team to go further and develop a range of policy options for consideration to deal with this tragedy.”

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