Trump Blames WHO: Hints at Funding Cuts

Trump Blames WHO: Hints at Funding Cuts

( – President Trump has been criticized for not following guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) throughout the coronavirus crisis. However, it turns out it might not be the best source of advice. The group has come under attack itself for making some bad judgment calls and being far too quick to repeat Chinese propaganda. Now, the president is hinting that this catalog of errors could have consequences for the UN agency’s funding.


Many Democrats have complained President Trump isn’t listening to WHO guidance on how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

  • The World Health Organization, established in 1948, is a UN agency designed to help all peoples attain “the highest possible level of health.” Its early successes included the eradication of smallpox and a massive reduction in polio cases.
  • However, in the last 20 years or so, many people have started to worry the WHO is becoming politicized. It’s been accused of making lifestyle recommendations that seem aimed at pushing political – mostly extreme environmentalist – agendas. It’s backed research that’s reached controversial conclusions — again with apparent political goals. And, more seriously, there are good reasons to believe it favors some governments over others.
  • The WHO’s last director, from 2006 to 2017, was Margaret Chan. Chan is from Hong Kong but has close links to the Chinese communist regime. While serving as director, she praised North Korea’s anti-obesity programs – during a famine that killed 15% of the dictatorship’s population. She was also criticized for neglecting the 2014 Ebola epidemic to run an anti-smoking conference in Moscow.
  • Chan’s replacement is Tedros Adhamon, an Ethiopian who was heavily pushed by the Organization of African Unity (OAU). One of his first acts was to appoint Robert Mugabe, the murderous dictator of Zimbabwe, as a “goodwill ambassador.” Many suspected this was a quid pro quo for the support the OAU had given his leadership bid. Both Tedros and Mugabe were also supported by the Chinese regime.
  • When the coronavirus epidemic began, the WHO criticized President Trump for closing US borders to travelers from China, calling the move “ineffective.” It then repeated Chinese claims that the virus wasn’t spreading from person to person, which turned out to be false – and China almost certainly knew they were false. The WHO just took the communists’ word for it and didn’t bother to check.

  • Now the president has said the WHO “really blew it,” asking why the agency gave the US “such a faulty recommendation.” He pointed out the US is by far the WHO’s biggest funder but, despite that, the organization is “very China-centric.” He went on to say “We will be giving that a good look,” a not very veiled threat to slash the WHO’s funding if it doesn’t get its house in order quickly.
  • Piling on the pressure, former US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley tweeted Friday, “The WHO owes an explanation to the world of why they took China’s word for it.”

It looks like the administration has finally run out of patience with the WHO’s political games.

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