Trump Bashes Economic Rhetoric

Trump Bashes Economic Rhetoric

( – A FOX Business Network exclusive featuring Maria Bartiromo interviewing President Donald Trump aired Thursday morning, May 14. They spoke on a plethora of topics including China and the Flynn investigation. The entire one-hour interview is linked below.

One of the subjects brought up was how Trump is tired of the partisan politics regarding the US economy. Bartiromo asked the president if he believed that his political opponents wanted the economy closed all the way up to the November election, Trump said, “Yeah, I do. I do. I think it’s a political thing.” After all, why else would Democrats want to delay America getting back on track if it wasn’t for their own political gain?

The POTUS stated that people are smart enough to see what needs to be done, and they’d agree with him. Trump promised that the country isn’t going to falter while he’s in office.

“Never gonna happen on my watch.”

Maybe that’s why Democrats are pushing for so much funding in their new, outrageously expensive $3 trillion Heroes Act instead of reopening the economy: to set Trump up for failure.

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