[VIDEO] Trump Bashes Dems in Press Conference

Trump Bashes Dems in Press Conference

President Trump dished out some hard truths about the Democrats during a press conference after having enough of the blatant Liberal bias and propaganda surrounding the UN summit.

Maybe the hottest sound bite from Trump’s statements from another meeting is him claiming that Nancy Pelosi is no longer the Speaker of the House. Of course, Trump didn’t mean this in a literal sense like many Lefties want to believe. He was simply pointing out the fact that Pelosi has become so influenced by the radical Left that she no longer truly represents the House of Representatives in a meaningful way.

Trump’s other commentaries included the denouncing of another round of collusion accusations over a simple phone call with Ukraine’s president. He will release a transcript of the phone call soon for everyone to hear. The president had a nice phone call with Ukraine’s leader while calling for transparency about the millions of dollars taken out of Ukraine and China by Joe Biden and his son.

Finally, the “conveniently” timed impeachment accusation is getting on our president’s last nerve. Trump called this latest Democrat game another “witch hunt.” He also lamented that the MSM chose not to cover his meetings with numerous world leaders, including many from South American countries, as they attempted to solve pressing issues affecting their nations.

Overall, Trump shared some hard facts with the networks during one of his latest press conferences. Just don’t expect any of his statements to be taken within context when fake news reports on him.

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