Trump Announces His Pick for Supreme Court

Trump Announces His Pick for Supreme Court

( – President Donald Trump announced his Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, during a Sept. 26 prime-time address from the White House. This is the third time President Trump has nominated someone to fill a vacancy on the court.

Neil Gorsuch was Trump’s first nominee, whom he selected in 2017 to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, who died during Barack Obama’s final year in office. Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh after Justice Anthony Kennedy formally announced his retirement in 2018.

President Trump previously nominated Barrett in May 2017 to serve on the 7th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. She has viewpoints similar to those of former Justice Scalia and is considered to be a Constitutional originalist.

Barrett’s nomination will shift the balance of the Supreme Court with Barrett, a conservative, replacing Ginsburg, a staunch liberal.

Democrats are expected to cry foul over the nomination. But don’t they always when things don’t go their way? Here’s to decades of a conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

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