Trump and GOP Turn Against WHO

Trump and GOP Turn Against WHO

( – One of the assumptions that American taxpayers make is that their money will be spent wisely. Part of that money goes towards funding organizations that should provide us with some benefit in turn. President Trump believes that the World Health Organization (WHO) has failed to live up to its usefulness and, in fact, recently caused more harm than good.

That’s why Trump is backing off funding WHO pending an investigation into its failure to adequately investigate early information about COVID-19 that could have helped us prepare faster. America is the biggest contributor to the WHO, giving between $100 and $400 million per year. That should hurt their wallet quite a bit, and other GOP officials are on board.

In fact, Republicans are very eager to have WHO turn over its records about COVID-19’s origin and have requested a wealth of related information from the agency. They want to know what it was doing during the outbreak’s early stages, more details of the virus’ origin, and why the WHO failed to properly investigate China’s mixed reporting about the coronavirus.


Knowing more about the origination of the coronavirus could help us develop a vaccine and it appears WHO might be holding something back. If it is, then Trump and the GOP are going to find out.

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