Trump Allocates $1.8 Billion to Autism Causes

Trump Allocates $1.8 Billion to Autism Causes

Autism is becoming more prevalent in America with 1 out of every 59 children being diagnosed somewhere along the spectrum. Whether this is due to the increase of contributing factors or improvements in detection methods, autism presents difficult obstacles for families to overcome. Many parents either don’t have the knowledge or the resources to effectively raise an autistic child.

These problems are what President Trump hopes to alleviate with his new $1.8 billion funding bill directed towards autism-related programs.

This funding is spread out over five years and covers a variety of research and support programs. Additionally, the bill also puts a priority on autism-related grants in rural and other areas left behind by current policies.

Trump clearly wants to see all Americans succeed, let’s see the Dems criticize this move.

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