Trump Administration Working to Limit Immigration (REPORT)

Trump Administration Working to Limit Immigration

( – The results of the 2020 presidential election may not be official until December 14. However, President Donald Trump’s administration continues moving forward with their agenda goals like usual, particularly when it comes to limiting immigration.

Senior policy advisor Stephen Miller is reportedly spearheading efforts to create substantial policy and administrative changes governing immigration.

For example, the officials have been implementing new policies to make the citizenship test more difficult and make it easier to deny visa requests. Additionally, the administration has been appointing new members to a leading immigration policy board since the election.

White House insiders related there’s been talk of eliminating birthright citizenship through the use of an executive order. Under current policies, children of immigrants born in the USA are automatically entitled to citizenship. However, eliminating that right could be difficult because it is enshrined in the US Constitution.

As White House spokesperson Judd Deere concluded, the president hasn’t “shied away” from using his power to promote bold new immigration policies, fulfilling his promises made to all Americans.

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