Trump Administration to Aid Infrastructure Projects

Trump Administration to Aid Infrastructure Projects

( – When was the last time you were affected by sluggish governmental bureaucracy? Probably every single day when it comes right down to it. While your workplace or personal life may not be directly affected, delayed construction projects, including roads, utility systems and buildings, often fall under the purview of the government.

President Trump is looking to alleviate at least some of the burden placed on various government projects, including infrastructure undertakings, by easing approval and analysis processes. One such process is the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), which imposes guidelines on all government agencies. So, Trump is trimming the fat to enable government projects to be approved and finished quicker.

Environmental advocates are concerned that these proposed changes will threaten the well-being of our surroundings and of people. Policies like the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act are part of NEPA, but Trump isn’t changing anything of substance to regulations that protect human health. Instead, the president is streamlining the approval process for government projects.

That won’t keep naysayers from complaining, though.

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