Trump Administration Makes Big Change to Protect American Workers

Trump Administration Makes Big Change to Protect American Workers

( – The Trump administration continues pushing back against an outdated immigration system. A signature issue for President Trump, the administration has taken hundreds of executive actions, reshaping the country’s immigration policy.

On October 28, the Department of Homeland Security announced a rule change ending the controversial H-1B visa lottery system which grants visas to workers with college degrees.

Congress passed the H1-B program to address the demand for highly-skilled workers when there weren’t enough American applicants. However, the program allowed tech companies to replace Americans with cheaper, imported workers, driving wages down.

Immigration officials certified about 60% of the applicants under the current program for jobs falling in the two lowest-earning levels out of a four-tiered system.

Under the proposed system, applications will be granted based on salary, starting with applicants at the top and working their way down. None of the lowest-tier applicants would receive a visa, and only about 75% in the second level from the bottom might.

As acting Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli stated, the proposed change will help the administration protect American workers “while strengthening the economy.”

Another promise made, promise kept.

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