Trump Admin Announces New Sanctions

Trump Admin Announces New Chinese Sanctions

( – In August the US moved to implement its snapback option after the United Nations Security Council allowed arms restrictions against Iran to expire. The concern is that the adversarial country will start trying to obtain weapons to attack the American military and allies. Now, the Trump Administration is taking action against companies that are indirectly doing business with the Iranian government.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced sanctions against six companies based in China, Iran and the United Arab Emirates doing business with Triliance Petrochemical Co. Ltd.; The company is a broker in Hong Kong that the US government previously took action against in January. The firm has paid millions to Iran for petrochemicals.

The secretary explained the Iranian government finances terrorism with the money they make in these deals.

In addition to the six companies that are circumventing US sanctions against Iran, the government took action against five businesses and three executives for similar actions.

The latest move by the Trump Administration further illustrates its desire to get Iran under control. The country has been problematic for decades, and it can no longer be ignored or placated. Fortunately, the president knows how to handle bullies.

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