Troops Told to Clean Up Kabul Airport to Make It Nice for Terrorists!

Troops Told Clean Up Kabul Airport to Make It Nice for Terrorists!

( – It’s bad enough that the Biden administration forced our troops into a messy, humiliating and ultimately lethal withdrawal from Afghanistan. Now, one Marine claims, just to add insult to injury, they were even forced to clean up the airport before they left.

A US Marine alleged in the last days of the US evacuation at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, commanding officers ordered his unit to clean up the airport and wipe away graffiti insulting the Taliban and ISIS. With the perimeter guards outnumbered and under constant threat of another deadly suicide bomb, did the Biden administration really think this was a priority?

According to the marine, troops had decorated restrooms inside the airport – and concrete barriers around it – with slogans like “F**k ISIS & Taliban” as a defiant farewell to the terrorists who were seizing power in the country. He shared photos of marines posing in front of the slogans, as well as one group holding a piece of cardboard with “F**k the Taliban” written on it, which they’d planned to leave lying around.

Marine spokesman, 1st Lt Jack Coppola, claimed the men were told to clean up that sign and other notes to prevent any delays to the evacuation, possibly referring to “FOD sweeps” – the removal of trash, or “foreign object debris,” from operations areas to prevent jet engines from sucking in the debris. However, there was no explanation for the order to remove graffiti. Was the Dem leadership just trying to curry favor with the Taliban yet again?

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