Trade Deal Moves Forward

Trade Deal Moves Forward

( – Concerns about the USMCA, a trade agreement between the US, Mexico, and Canada, potentially being delayed by impeachment nonsense have officially been eliminated. The Senate just approved the agreement, which will now land on President Trump’s desk — all that remains is his signature.

The USMCA is the culmination of efforts to reformat the roughly 25-year-old NAFTA trade deal into a plan that benefits everyone, especially America. The US, Mexico, and Canada have worked hard on this agreement for over a year. After President Trump signs the agreement, all that’s left is Canada’s approval.

Among numerous other benefits, the USMCA opens up Canadian dairy markets for US producers and ensures quality control standards are met with automotive production.

In other trade news this week, President Trump also passed the first phase of a new deal with China to prevent it from siphoning money from the US.

No one in their right mind can say that Trump isn’t hard at work ensuring economic prosperity for all Americans.

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