Touching: Americans Aid Dorian Victims

We don’t often hear about the inherent good nature of Americans through mass media. Many outlets are so focused on negativity and controversy that they miss the forest for the trees. America is full of generous, hard-working people who want to see everyone do well.

There are few better examples of American generosity than our disaster relief efforts. Hurricane Dorian is simply the latest example of how the average person can pitch in the make a difference.

One anonymous Florida man decided he was going to send supplies to the Bahamas. He spent $49,000 at Costco on 100 generators, dry goods, coffee and other necessities by boat. When questioned about his motives, he stated that he just wanted to help out instead of sitting around doing nothing.

And in another heartwarming case:

Jermaine Bell, a young boy from South Carolina, decided to re-allocate his Disney World trip funds toward helping Dorian refugees. What was originally his birthday party savings fund turned into a food stand with hot dogs, chips and water for weary travelers. They enjoyed a nice meal before carrying on to their destination.

Everyone has something to offer to those in need. If you want to help out and are unsure of what to do or have limited resources, consider donating blood to the Red Cross. Many were injured during the storm, and the Red Cross can always use more blood donations as part of its disaster relief projects.

A little bit of generosity goes farther than expected.

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