Top 4 Most Embarrassing Moments From the Latest DNC Debate

Top Embarassments of Latest DNC Debate

The DNC debates continue to be a clown show with their relentless determination to sport at least 10 members on stage. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether Democrats believe in the marketplace of ideas or just enjoy watching buffoons duke it out on national TV. Either way, here are some of the most noteworthy and embarrassing moments from this week’s debate.

  1. Buttigieg went under fire for his lack of wealth and inexperience. He seemed to believe that pointing out how he was the least wealthy person on stage was somehow a good thing. Buttigieg also stated that “Washington experience is not the only experience that matters,” while avoiding the tenuous relationship he has with his base back home.

That’s not the kind of experience that helps you win elections.

  1. What would a DNC debate be without a good old fashioned rivalry? Tulsi and Kamala had a heated back and forth after Tulsi lashed out at Clinton and the Democrat party as a whole. Tulsi was attacked by Clinton with an accusation of being some sort of Russia asset, so, of course, Tulsi wanted a little revenge.

Kamala had none of it and replied by pointing out Tulsi’s strange appearances on Fox News during Obama’s time in office. It’s a little odd that Tulsi would run as a Democrat when she spends so much time criticizing her own party.

  1. Bernie Sanders is embracing his status as nothing more than a meme. When asked about his socialist healthcare plans, he immediately responded (out of context) with his “I wrote the damn bill” line. While Sanders certainly enjoys the popularity gained from his sound bite, at this point he’s little more than an old broken record.
  1. And last, but not least, is the DNC itself. The organization released its fundraising numbers in the middle of the last debate. It’s certainly not looking good for the Democrats going into 2020.

We’ll be sure to provide you with coverage of more embarrassing and notable moments when the next round of DNC debates rolls around in December.

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