Top Democrat Caught Funneling Money Into Chinese Investments

Top Democrat Caught Funneling Money Into Chinese Investments

( – A long-serving Democrat lawmaker with seats on vital House committees has been unmasked as an investor in Chinese Communist-owned businesses – and a hypocrite.

On July 13, The National Pulse revealed Representative Peter Welch (D-VT) has invested in at least two Chinese exchange-traded funds. An investment firm linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) owns one of them and holds shares in several state-owned (i.e., CCP-owned) companies; the other’s shares include Chinese social media platforms that censor content on behalf of the CCP. That fund’s largest investment is Tencent, a tech company even the State Department calls a Communist censorship tool.

It’s bad enough Welch is investing in companies owned by a communist dictatorship that’s rapidly becoming the number one enemy of the US. What’s worse is he’s a blatant hypocrite. Welch was one of the leading advocates of the Trump-Russia collusion hysteria; the Vermont Representative spoke in the House, demanding a congressional investigation of alleged links between former President Donald Trump and the Russian regime. “There is a mountain of evidence we cannot ignore,” he claimed.

Of course, in the end, it turned out there was no evidence at all. Welch can’t say the same for his links to China; they’re right there on his financial disclosure.

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