Top Congressman Demands COVID Intel From Biden Administration

Top Congressman Demands COVID Intel From Biden Administration

( – While Donald Trump maintained a tough, “America first” approach to China, Joe Biden’s attitude appears to be one of appeasement. While that attitude might work with some degree of success during ordinary negotiations, some are questioning the wisdom of taking this approach when it comes to a global pandemic that has killed millions.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, is demanding answers regarding COVID-19’s origins. On September 15, he sent a letter to Avril Haines, the Director of National Intelligence, asking her to explain the vague nature of her department’s August 27, 2021, Assessment on COVID-19 origins.

Biden ordered intelligence community members to conduct a 90-day study into the virus’s origins and submit a full assessment in writing. However, the final report appears to be lacking. In fact, as Comer pointed out, the pitiful two-page summary clouded the issue instead of clarifying it for Americans.

Continuing, Comer wrote that the report was “unacceptable” and did little to instill public confidence that the United States is prepared to deal with the next pandemic. Therefore, he demanded that Haines turn over all the intelligence community’s raw research materials used to create its assessment. Maybe now we will get some real answers.

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