Top Christmas Gifts for Gun Lovers

Top Christmas Gifts for Gun Lovers
Top Christmas Gifts for Gun Lovers

Love guns? If you’re anything like the rest of us aficionados, you have a hefty collection of accessories and gun-related items at home. From leather gloves to the latest rifle, it becomes a bit of an obsession to stay on top of the latest and greatest items.
But what the heck do you buy the gun lover who has it all?

Gifts for Gun Lovers

If you’re shopping for a friend who already has an incredible collection, and shooting a miss on what to buy that they won’t already have, take heart: we’re here to help. Arm yourself for the best Christmas ever with these fantastic and unique gifts.

  • Bullet Christmas Balls – Craving a handmade gift? While most of us can’t rush out and make a brand-new (legal) working firearm, you can flex your creative spirit with a few bullets and glass christmas balls. Take a small-caliber bullet casing like a .22 brass or .380 and drop them carefully one-by-one into the ball. Add a few snowflake cutouts, sparkles, or faux branches and holly to the inside, then tie a red ribbon at the top. Hang liberally on the tree; they’ll sparkle and glint against the lights!
  • SentrySafe Pistol Safe – for the responsible gun owner. This tiny safe doesn’t take up a tremendous amount of space; it’s barely bigger than the pistol. That makes it perfect for apartment-dwellers and city slickers who aren’t working with a ton of space to begin with. It’s a smart way to keep guns secure when they aren’t in use.
  • Ammunition – have a loved one who LOVES to head out to shooting practice once or twice a week? Make it practical with ammunition for their favorite gun. Getting a big box of bullets is a bit like getting socks; you always need more, and even if it seemed lackluster as a teen, you absolutely love it now.
  • Antique guns – old guns hold a special place in our hearts. The older the better – extreme antiques may even be worth money simply because of their age, too. Match this to your favorite gun-lover’s preferences by finding an antique that’s a predecessor to their favorite piece.
  • Gun cleaning set – this is another practical gift that’s perfect for every gun lover. Find a cleaning set that’s specially designed for their favorite gun and you’re set!
  • Zombie rounds – this is more of a gimmick than anything else, but it makes a cute addition to a gun shelf or rack. The bullets themselves have a green tip for spook factor, while the box is emblazoned with spooky zombie apocalypse graphics. Give these .45s for target practice, or give them to your favorite prepper as a gag gift!
  • Laser bullets – Who needs a scope? Just use laser-sighted bullets and you’ll always know exactly where the bullets will make contact. This is an excellent gift for a newbie who’s still honing their skills. Match the caliber to their favorite gun and watch as they use the bullets to determine exact trajectory path.
  • Time at the gun range– Practice makes perfect, or at least makes shooters safer. This is an especially handy gift for those who are just getting started and need to figure out what kind of a gun they REALLY want.

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What is your dream gun gift?