“Tiger King” Star Running for President

(RightWing.org) – News media outlets have spent considerable time talking about the possible ramification of an individual under criminal indictment running for president. However, former Netflix star Joe “Exotic” Maldonado recently shifted the debate when he announced his decision to enter the 2024 race from a Texas prison cell.

On March 10, Maldonado, who also goes by the professional name “The Tiger King,” posted a tweet announcing his entry into the 2024 presidential race. He included a screenshot from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) confirming his candidacy as a member of the Libertarian Party, along with a link to his campaign’s website.

The home page for the website contains a brief message from Maldonado. It reads more like a plea for his immediate release from prison, buttressed by conspiratorial-sounding claims that three felons, two corrupt federal prosecutors, two FBI agents, and a lone US Department of Fish and Wildlife agent all lied under oath “to further” an unidentified “agenda.”

The message concludes with a plea from Joe Exotic for voters to ignore his previous history of drug abuse and the fact he kept multiple gay lovers at the same time. He also asks people to overlook the fact that “Carole [Baskin],” the intended victim of his murder-for-hire scheme, “hates [his] guts.” Nevertheless, Maldonado says he can run the country effectively, “so let’s cross that bridge when we get to it.”

A few days after Maldonado’s announcement, Libertarian Party chair and spokesperson Angela McArdle characterized his campaign as “just tigers and glitter” during an exclusive interview with entertainment news site TMZ. She also distanced Libertarians from the presidential wannabe, stating the party isn’t a “landing pad for former reality stars and D-list celebrities.”

Then, on March 25, Fox News aired a telephone interview with Maldonado by “Cross Country” host Lawrence Jones. Maldonado defended his decision to run for president, pointing out it was his constitutional right.

Pivoting to recent events, Maldonado brought up the possibility former President Donald Trump faces a criminal indictment and the ongoing investigations into Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden for “making bad deals.”

“What the hell’s the difference” with someone in prison recognizing a rigged system, exposing corruption, and “trying to fix it?” he proclaimed.

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