This Health Insurance Doesn’t Pay the Bill

This Health Insurance Doesn't Pay the Bill

Health insurance is an extremely important service for every American to have, though individual policies can differ substantially. Some providers give comprehensive coverage that’s easy to understand, while other private insurers use legal trickery to weasel out of their obligations. That’s why it’s vital to understand exactly what you are getting before signing on the dotted line.

On the surface, Health Insurance Innovations Inc. appears to be a typical health insurance company providing a good deal for Americans. One of their representatives even went on FOX News to discuss how Medicare for all is a bad idea among other topics. Clearly, the company is knowledgeable in insurance lingo and common policies.

However, what Health Insurance Innovations Inc. doesn’t mention is how they’re preying on Americans who need “short-term medical insurance,” which normally lasts three months. This type of insurance is designed for people between jobs. The Trump administration altered the definition of “short-term” to cover individuals up to one year with renewal options for up to three years.

Due to its temporary nature, short-term medical insurance is rarely comprehensive, leaving the customer to foot the bill for expensive procedures and surgeries. Such was the case with David Diaz of Phoenix, AZ when he received a $244,447 bill for a double-bypass surgery. His insurance provider was Health Insurance Innovations Inc.

You see, short-term health insurance is exempt from some Obama-era Affordable Care Act regulations. These include things like barring the capping of coverage, retroactive cancellation of coverage, and denying coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions. Some insurance companies, like Health Insurance Innovations Inc., are pushing sales of short-term medical insurance policies to make money and assumingly to avoid these regulations.

Double-check your health insurance plan to ensure that your potential health risks are covered. All of the legal lingo is designed to protect both parties but sometimes it just doesn’t.

Everyone’s health needs are different; make sure yours are covered.

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