This Credit Card To Be Linked To Your Emissions!

Credit Card Will Be Linked to Emissions

Credit Card Will Be Linked To Emissions

( – Like America, Canada’s liberal government has implemented policies to deal with climate change. A bank in the country is now offering a controversial new credit card that allows customers to track how green they are.

In October, Vancouver-based credit union Vancity announced it was beginning a program allowing all VISA cardholders to track their purchases to estimate carbon emissions. The customers could then compare their carbon footprint to the national average, allowing them to potentially make changes to reduce it. The bank has partnered with a German firm offering a carbon calculator.

The bank is the first one in Canada to offer such a program. However, Mastercard launched a similar program with Doconomy in 2019. The program was initially rolled out in Sweden, and other European countries followed. Australia’s Commonwealth Bank also has an emissions program where users can pay a fee to allegedly offset the pollution they produce.

Theoretically, the programs allow those who wish to can reduce their carbon footprints. On the other hand, it could create a situation where a government controls its citizens’ financial decisions. There’s also a concern that while they are currently voluntary programs, officials could make the tracking mandatory. As governments run by politicians of the far left become more crazed over climate change, they could begin chipping away at their citizens’ privacy rights and freedoms.

Are you concerned about big government getting involved in your credit card purchases?

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