These Housing Pods Are Popping Up in California

These Housing Pods Are Popping Up in California

Look What’s POPPING UP Across California

( – A couple of forward-thinking California entrepreneurs decided to look backward and pull an innovative idea from the past into the present to address rising housing costs in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a result, new housing pods are popping up in the northern and central portions of the Golden State.

ABC23 recently published an article discussing the introduction of an old idea, pod housing, to a new area. The network spoke with Christina Lennox and James Stallworth, the co-founders of Brownstone Shared Housing.

Inspired by a Japanese trend dating back to the late 1970s, Lennox and Stallworth started setting up pod housing units in Palo Alto and Bakersfield. The duo modified existing housing with the addition of 14 sleeping pods or cubicles.

The pods are stacked two high and are slightly larger than a twin-sized bed. Each one contains a mattress, fold-down desk, light, and fan with temperature control. Additionally, some residents have modified their units to include shelves and other accessories.

Residents share common areas like the kitchen, two bathrooms, living room, work spaces, and surrounding yard. Best of all, the rent only costs $800 per month with all utilities included.

ABC7 News reported that comparably-sized houses in Palo Alto rent for $6,000 to $8,000. At full occupancy, landlords can boost that rate to $11,200, making this program a good deal for homeowners and tenants alike.

What do you think? Would this growing co-housing trend work in your hometown?

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