These 2 Conservative Supreme Court Justices Helped Push Liberal Agenda Through

These 2 Conservative Supreme Court Justices Helped Push Liberal Agenda Through

Two Supreme Court Justices NAMED – Help Liberal Agenda

( – Over the last 50 years, the GOP made a strategic and concerted effort to overhaul the US Supreme Court’s (SCOTUS) liberal judicious bent. It took time, patience, and a little luck. Still, during President Donald Trump’s four years in office, he did something few presidents have accomplished: He changed the ideological bent of the SCOTUS through three nominations.

The relatively new 6-3 Republican-confirmed majority on the High Court is moving the country back to an originalist view of the US Constitution. Unlike more liberal Justices, the six conservatives decide cases based on the Constitution’s meaning when the founding fathers wrote it. Still, there are times that some of the majority go against the grain. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh are the most pronounced, but does that mean they are helping push through a more liberal agenda?

Roberts and Kavanaugh Occasionally Tip the Scale

Over the last year, the majority on the Court gave resounding victories to long-time conservative causes. They forced the executive branch to abandon policies and powers not explicitly granted by Congress, reversed Roe v. Wade, restored religious rights, and the Justices sided with the Second Amendment. Still, Roberts and Kavanaugh have occasionally crossed over to vote with liberal Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Elana Kegan, and Stephen Breyer.

A study of the numbers by the Washington Examiner showed that the Chief Justice and his colleague voted in all but three of the Court’s 60 majority rulings in the last term, which ended on June 30. Additionally, the two men helped give 5-4 majority rulings to the three liberal justices in 7 out of 10 cases that went their way.

So, does that mean that Roberts and Kavanaugh are helping the liberal agenda?

On Matters That Count, Roberts and Kavanaugh Voted With The Conservative Majority

In two cases, Roberts and Kavanaugh joined the liberal wing of the Court. In Biden v. Texas, the 5-4 majority decision allowed President Joe Biden to reverse former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. In another case in January, the two jurists also sided with the liberal wing. They gave a 5-4 victory to a healthcare workplace COVID-19 vaccine mandate but joined the conservative majority 6-3 to overturn the workplace vaccine mandate.

So, some wonder, based on 7 out of 60 cases, if Roberts and Kavanaugh aided the far-left agenda. Dr. Adam Feldman is the founder of the Empirical SCOTUS. He said it’s too early in the 6-3 majority’s tenure to decipher if the two Conservatives will shift rightward more or become the new center of the SCOTUS. Still, the court watcher said he doesn’t think the two will become true swing voters on the Court.

Still, many Conservatives are pleased with the majority of the Court’s rulings in the 2021-2022 term. The next year will present more opportunities for the conservative majority to demonstrate its commitment to originalism or if Kavanaugh and Roberts will swing back and forth.

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