The Supreme Court Leak Scandal Has Mysteriously Vanished From Public Radar

The Supreme Court Leak Scandal Has Mysteriously Vanished From Public Radar

Supreme Court LEAK Update – What Happened NOW?

( – In recent weeks, the media has turned its attention to two issues. First, the FBI’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate. It seems anything Trump, especially if it’s negative, is a point of emphasis in the news. Second, the media alleges Democrats are making a comeback and could even win both chambers of Congress in the November midterm elections. Still, it’s not covering some of the day’s most critical issues, and some don’t understand why.

On May 3, the country learned of a leak about the then-potential Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruling that would overturn Roe v. Wade. Since the June ruling, there’s been little to no information from the press on the status of the investigation. The question is, why has the scandal vanished from the public radar?

Officials Expressed Outrage Over Supreme Court Leak

After Politico published a bombshell report from a revealed copy of Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts immediately ordered an investigation into the leak. He called it a “singular and egregious breach of trust.” The exposure of the draft opinion was shocking to an institution that isn’t loose with information, and for a good reason. For days, journalists flooded the news with reports.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said someone inside the court intended to create a pressure campaign to sway the outcome of the justice’s decision and stated the perpetrator should be punished to the full extent of the law. Justice Clarence Thomas said the institution was “irrevocably harmed.”

Months later, it appears there is little interest by the media in the case.

Why Isn’t the Press Pushing for More Information?

In a Google News search about the case, the AP issued the last meaningful article regarding the topic on July 23. It claimed since the announcement of the leak in May, the SCOTUS has gone silent. The report suggested it’s the court’s responsibility to provide the media with information. The AP said the legal institution won’t say if it’s still investigating, if it knows who committed the act, whether the FBI is involved, or what steps the authorities might have taken to prevent another incident in the future.

It added it emailed SCOTUS Spokeswoman Patricia McCabe, who responded with no comment.

Still, that isn’t sitting well with some. Law and political science professor at Case Western Reserve University, Juscelino Colares, told NewsMax reporters are demonstrating they aren’t curious about the case and aren’t asking any challenging questions. He stated they quickly pounced on the story in May because it gave Democrats a significant boost and the summer to whip up the base over abortion.

Colares added that three months later, it’s not a surprise the press has gone silent regarding the leak as the court quietly does its work. What is a surprise, he said, is the lack of curiosity by the media since it’s not serving a political outcome at this point.

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