The Squad Is Under Fire From a Surprising Group

The Squad Is Under Fire From Surprising Group

( – In 2018, America was stunned to learn that a young Democratic Socialist in the Bronx defeated the third highest-ranking Dem in Congress. It was a seismic shift in American politics, and it signaled to Conservatives that we were on the cusp of losing the country’s traditional values to socialist ideologies.

Fast forward four years, and it appears that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her cohorts known as the “Squad” may be more of a blessing than a curse – unless you’re a Democrat. In 2021, they successfully hijacked the majority of the Democratic Party despite not having a majority mandate from voters. Now, moderate Democrats, who largely voted with the Left, are turning on the Squad’s left-wing policies.

The question is, did they really wake up, or is this political theater for votes?

Moderate Democrats Turn on the Squad

In November 2020, moderate Democrats warned the party that the shift leftward in 2020 couldn’t happen again. The party broadly backed radical proposals that opened the door wide for Republicans in the House after political pundits expected the GOP to lose upwards of 20 seats. Instead, GOP incumbents successfully defended every seat while Republican challengers flipped 14 Democratic House seats. Moderates warned that socialist policies and defunding the police needed to end, or there would be heavier losses in 2022.

It seems they were right. Their problem is that Moderates embraced the Squad through their votes for the sake of party unity in 2020. Their support backfired in an incomprehensible way as Biden joined the far-Left and pushed to transform America’s economy, society, and government. While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) adorned the cover of Rolling Stone with the Squad, Democrats’ poll numbers began diving.

The worst fears of Moderates are playing out in the open, and they are responsible for the self-inflicted wounds that could come back to haunt them in November. Now, the Moderates who embraced much of the Build Back Better socialist agenda and the go-it-alone American Rescue Act that even leading Democratic economists say sparked the inflationary crisis are running from their votes and the Squad.

The question is, is it too late?

Squad Policies That May Eradicate Democratic Moderates

While the Squad blames moderate Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) for their demise, he’s the least of their problems. For months, Independents have been bailing on Democrats. The leftist policies that may play well in the Bronx simply don’t in Iowa or Pennsylvania. In early February, AOC denounced capitalism.

Forget about swing states. Even voters in far-left states are turning on their ideas. In San Francisco, voters tossed three woke school board members from office after 70% of voters in one of the country’s most liberal towns said enough was enough. The woke school board focused more on changing 44 school names over alleged racism and sexism instead of returning kids to the classroom. They called Asian American parents white supremacists for wanting one high school to maintain rigorous admission standards and a high level of educational commitment.

If the most liberal city in America is pushing back against the Squad’s policies, what does that mean for moderate Democrats?

They are too late to the party. While they joined the Squad for six months to push socialist policies that would transform America, they ignored the things that mattered, like the economy, runaway inflation, immigration, exploding crime, and the need for more police.

In generic congressional polls, Republicans hold sizable advantages over Democrats.

Independents have largely given up on Democrats. It started after Biden demonized Republicans as racists over common-sense voter reforms. The president botched the Afghanistan withdrawal, inflation was clearly not transitory or temporary, and Democratic COVID-19 policies contributed to the supply chain crisis.

Hispanic voters are now toss-up votes as 50% say they favor each party. The once reliable group is now concerned about the Democrats’ embrace of socialist policies. The Democratic brand is so toxic in rural America that rural Democrats won’t even admit their party affiliation, let alone vote for one.

Where Does All of This Leave Democrats and Republicans?

It leads to a louder Squad that has a diminishing legislative and electoral impact. The loud rhetoric is making vulnerable Democrats more vulnerable.

In the end, it’s likely to leave Democrats a minority national party in the long term.

Elections are about two things:

  1. Who do voters like and trust more?
  2. Who will solve problems?

You may be able to add a third after the horrendous Democratic reigns in 2020 and 2021.

3. Who will cause the least amount of damage to the country and one’s life?

If the third question becomes a norm, Conservatives are in for a strong run for a very long time.

Moderate Democrats would try to blame the squad. Yet, they joined with the Left in their potential demise.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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