The Sporting World Takes a Knee

The Sporting World Takes a Knee

( – Entertainment like movies, television, and sporting events are meant to be an escape from the harsh realities of the outside world. However, over the past several years, the folks in Hollywood have gone off the deep end and with their anti-Trump and anti-white rhetoric. It seems that the sports world is heading that way as well.


The coronavirus interrupted many things in 2020, including the basketball season that was in progress at the time the lockdowns began. The league has decided to play a very abbreviated “seeding season” to set up their playoff brackets with all games being played in the Orlando, Florida area.

They’ve announced they’ll be painting, “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) on the floor of each arena they use. Former National Football League (NFL) defensive end turned sports commentator, Marcellus Wiley, who’s black, has voiced concern over this idea, saying, “… How much social space [will be] allowed for those who don’t share that same [BLM mission statement]… But will you respect others who don’t support that same protest?”

The last question of his statement is a very poignant one. But, organizations like BLM and Antifa, with their words and actions like the takeover of a neighborhood in Seattle, have shown they have little or no tolerance for any opinions that deviate even slightly from theirs.


The stock-car racing league has its roots in the area that used to be the Confederate States of America (CSA). This is where they long-ago adopted the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia — more commonly, and incorrectly, referred to as the Confederate flag – as a symbol. To many of the sons and daughters of the South, what it represented was pride in the courage of their forefathers to battle through any adverse conditions to protect their independence.

In 2015, recognizing that the Black community did not view the flag in the same way, but rather as a symbol of oppression and racism, NASCAR and the associated racetracks committed to removing it from the property they owned and operated. However, they only asked fans to “refrain” from displaying their own.

In the wake of the Progressive Liberal attempts to erase all remnants of that former country from history, the leadership of the league decided to turn it into an outright ban. This makes Wiley’s question about opposing views a very apropos one here as well.


Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick made headlines when he famously (infamously?) took a knee on the field during the playing of the American National Anthem. President Donald Trump and most of conservative America saw this as blatant disrespect for the Stars & Stripes, and the men and women of police forces and the military who work to protect our country every day.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, in what some say was a bit of a copout, essentially passed off the decision of how to react to the individual team owners. Just recently, Goodell posted a video saying “the NFL was wrong for not listening to players,” and then repeating the phrase “Black Lives Matter.”

However, because of what he didn’t say many people think it was only an effort to placate the Black athletes of the league rather than a heartfelt apology. Free-agent defensive end Michael Bennett called it a “slap in the face” in light of the years of exploitation of those players in order to make the league as lucrative as it has been.

Now the NFL has announced it will be playing a “black national anthem” before the Star-Spangled Banner at the beginning of each week one game when the season eventually gets underway.

The racial tensions of the last century and a half or more have gone from simmering just below the surface, into what is essentially America’s Second Civil War. This sudden support for the people behind the sometimes violent and deadly “protests” is beginning to smack of the feeling that much of the United States is caving into terrorists pointing a gun and calling it “negotiations.”

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