The SCOTUS Docket Looks Like This for the New Year

The SCOTUS Docket Looks Like This For The New Year

( – The Supreme Court has been working hard this year, trying to protect our freedoms and the Constitution itself from the excesses of the Democrat left. It looks like next year will be even more significant for the nation’s highest court, with abortion and guns taking center stage. Here are the two biggest cases on the 2021/22 docket.

Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

In 2018, Mississippi passed a law banning abortion after 15 weeks into a pregnancy, but a federal appeals court blocked it. Now, the case has reached the Supreme Court, which heard oral arguments on December 1. If the justices uphold the law and allow it to take effect that will be a huge victory for pro-life advocates – and with three justices appointed by former President Donald Trump, the law will likely be allowed to go ahead.

The Biden administration is already furious at a September decision by the court allowing Texas to implement its own abortion law, and the White House could use this case to argue for court-packing. So far, the new Justices don’t seem intimidated.

New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen

Since the passage of the Sullivan Act in 1911, New York residents have had to demonstrate “a special need for self-protection” before they could obtain a carry permit. Second Amendment supporters have long argued this is an unconstitutional restriction on citizens’ rights, and the Supreme Court has already heard oral arguments on the latest challenge. All three new Justices have said they support a review of the court’s stance on 2A cases, and if they rule against New York in this case, it could have a huge influence nationally. Many other cities have similar limits on public carry.

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