The Results of the GOP Controlling the House for 100 Days Revealed

The Results of the GOP Controlling the House for 100 Days Revealed

( – In the November 2022 midterm elections, Republican candidates ran on a platform they called their “Commitment to America” and took back the majority in the House of Representatives. They were sworn into office in January, and Tax Day (April 18 this year) represents the 100-day mark of the 118th Congress, which tends to be a milestone achievement in Washington, DC.

Progress Made

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told America at a press conference about the achievements the GOP has accomplished in that time. He also noted some of what the Democrat-led Senate has accomplished (with his tongue firmly implanted in his cheek), such as the nonbinding resolution that declared March 26 was “maple syrup Sunday.” Obviously a sweet victory for Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and the other Lefties in the upper chamber.

In a press release on the official Speaker’s webpage, McCarthy noted the Republican’s ability to reach across the aisle saying that 86% of the bills they have passed so far were bipartisan efforts. When the House voted to prevent President Joe Biden from selling oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China, 113 Democrats joined with the GOP. He also said 34 members from the Left joined in with the majority when “we passed legislation to nullify D.C.’s soft-on-crime criminal code.”

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) also took the time to comment on the 100-day anniversary with an opinion piece she wrote for the Washington Examiner. She proudly wrote that this Congress “has passed more bills, sent to the president’s desk,” and had more of those signed into law than the 117th Congress had managed at that same point in time. They accomplished this despite the fact the group under former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “had the advantage of one-party rule in Washington.”

One of the bills the Republican majority has managed to get Biden to sign was an effort to uncover the true origins of the virus that caused the worldwide pandemic, per Stefanik. However, she did express frustration with the president because he vetoed a bipartisan resolution that was meant “to protect the public’s retirement savings from funding the far-left agenda” through the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) preference scheme for investments.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) also sent out a press release to give voice to the accomplishments of the Republican party, but he was somewhat more direct in his criticism of the Democrats. He ripped Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer for the “devastation” they have wreaked upon America because of the massive inflation, the flood of illegal aliens across the southern border, and Communist nations like China and Russia weakening our security.

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