The Real Difference Between Government and Politics

The Real Difference Between Government and Politics

( – When we talk about politics, quite often we mean government – and vice versa. The words have become interchangeable, but in fact, they’re not. They both mean different things, and if we remember that difference, it’s easier to make sense of what’s happening.

Government can be a noun – like the Federal Government – but it’s also a verb, to govern, meaning to manage or lead. Government, basically, is the process of running the country. Governing involves making laws, seeing that they’re enforced and finding the money to pay for it all.

Who does governing? The government. Politics is the art of deciding who gets to be the government and what they can do once they get there. An election campaign is politics, and so is the election itself. Negotiations in Congress to get votes for a bill are politics. Obviously, the opposition plays a big role in politics.

Government and politics are tied together at every level, but they’re not the same thing. President Trump wants to sign a coronavirus relief bill; that’s government. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are blocking it because they want cash for Democrat city governments and left-wing spending programs; that’s politics.

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