The Progressive Left Is Turning on Ocasio-Cortez

The Progressive Left Is Turning on Ocasio-Cortez

Ocasio-Cortez Gets Publicly Schooled – Look Who’s After Her!

( – When Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) won her first election in 2018, she booted the second most powerful Democrat out of office and became a Progressive icon. She sailed to reelection in 2020 and remained one of the most popular far-left lawmakers in Congress. Now, as she fights to win another term, it seems she might be taking some hits from unlikely sources.

On July 21, a medical student attacked AOC on Twitter, accusing her of blowing off a meeting about healthcare reform. The congresswoman’s staff reportedly said, “We’re not doing healthcare right now,” a shocking admission since the progressive lawmaker has long advocated for a public option. The student went on to accuse Ocasio-Cortez of “performative resistance art,” presumably talking about her faking being handcuffed when she was arrested for blocking a road by the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, he said people are dying.

AOC responded to the student, apologizing and promising to follow up. That’s when NY state Senator Jessica Ramos (D), a fellow Progressive, slammed AOC for not spending enough time at her office with her team. She demanded to know what would happen to the staffer who turned away the med student.

When a Twitter user accused the senator of being “jealous,” Ramos simply responded that she wanted her representative to do her job.

Do you think the far-Left is turning against the congresswoman? Could her absence from her district impact her reelection chances — especially considering that she originally won her seat by pointing out that her incumbent opponent was MIA on the streets?

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