The Next Clamp Down on ISIS

The Next Clamp Down on ISIS

America has enjoyed an overwhelming victory over ISIS thanks to President Trump. The terrorist organization hasn’t been able to secure any significant strongholds during the latter parts of 2019. To celebrate the successes of the US military branches and their joint operations, Trump brought Conan, the military dog who assisted in taking down the terrorist group’s previous leader, to the White House for a nice visit.

This moment is bittersweet as it simultaneously celebrates a major victory against ISIS and marks the beginning of a renewed effort to crack down on new ISIS resurgences in the Middle East.

US forces have once again allied with Syrian Kurdish forces to capture or kill ISIS militants in the Deir al-Zour province south of Turkey’s border. Around 500 Americans will participate in this operation, which is about half of the previous US commitment. This new operation will take place over the course of weeks, if not months.

Although ISIS doesn’t pose the same threat as it once did, these extremists cannot be allowed to take root again. President Trump is taking the offensive to ensure that the region, and our allies, can enjoy some stability and, perhaps one day, peace.

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