The Media Has Protected Biden for Months

The Media has Protected Biden for Months

( – President Donald Trump regularly heads into the lion’s den and takes questions from the press ranging from the absurd to the extremely absurd. In fact, Trump believes no one can represent him to the media better than himself as they come after him relentlessly. However, those same media outlets are doing all they can to protect Democratic nominee Joe Biden. It’s not a new phenomenon either; it’s been going on for months.

At one point, Biden went 89 straight days without taking a single question from the press. During that time, he told podcaster Charlemagne da’ God that “you ain’t black” if you don’t vote for him. Repeated gaffes like that are one reason his campaign steers him clear of the media.

The minimalist Biden campaign rivals that of only President James Buchanan, who made almost no public appearances, didn’t talk to the press and left the political discussions to his followers, known as “Buchaneers.” Like Buchanan, Biden avoids the press as much as possible. To help the former vice president defeat Trump, it appears the liberal media may be obliging him.

There were three specific instances when the press was blatantly protecting the Democratic nominee from criticism or potentially campaign-ending scandals.

A Sex Scandal

In April, former Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) was accused of sexual assault by former staffer Tara Reade. In 1993, Reade alleged that Biden cornered her, made sexually suggestive statements, and touched her in highly inappropriate areas. Several people said Reade told them about the incident after it happened, and she filed an official complaint with the Washington, DC police.

Regardless of the facts about the case, the media refused to cover it seriously, and Democrats circled the wagons to protect him. That’s despite the false allegations made against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in 2018. Several women alleged that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted them during college to derail his nomination. However, two admitted they lied, and no one could back up Professor Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations. Despite that, Democrats said they believed the women and the media covered the story relentlessly, knowing it wasn’t true.

Apparently, different standards apply when credible allegations are made towards the Democratic nominee for president and a Republican nominee for the Supreme Court.

Town Halls

In the wake of the canceled debate on October 15, ABC and NBC held separate town halls with Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Trump’s town hall was hostile, aggressive, and felt more like a debate with moderator Savannah Guthrie than a town hall to answer voters’ questions. She hit the president on every negative talking point possible to try and discredit him.

For Biden’s part, it was a friendly atmosphere. At the same time, news broke about his son’s role in a potential pay-for-play scandal that included the former vice president, Ukraine, Russia, and China. ABC’s George Stephanopoulos gave him a complete pass and never asked a single question.

Hunter Biden Story

Speaking of the pay-for-play scandal, the news is breaking everywhere that seems to indicate the Hunter Biden story might be legitimate after his name and signature for the computer repair were released. However, the press isn’t asking Biden questions, nor are they covering the story. The only exceptions are the New York Post, where it was first reported, and Fox News.

Twitter all but banned any discussion about the issue, and Facebook throttled its reach.

Never before has the media gone out of its way so obviously to protect a presidential candidate and censor real news. The press is supposed to be adversarial and hold politicians accountable. There are enough mysteries with Joe Biden to keep journalists busy for a long time. Instead, the media is attempting to silence detractors by falsely calling the story a Russian disinformation campaign or a non-scandal.

How long can the media protect Biden? The former vice president hopes until after election day. Or, possibly forever.

By Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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